On Women's Studies Encyclopedia
"Women's Studies Encyclopedia is a very good source of information for anyone studying women, feminism, or social issues. It is a valuable resource for any university, public, or school library."
- Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin
Greenwood Electronic Media (GEM) is a division of the Greenwood Publishing Group. The division was founded in 1998 to deliver on-line and CD-ROM products to libraries requesting digital formats for reference titles and critical teaching resources. These GEM products have garnered praise and awards from the library press such as Charleston Advisor, Library Journal, Book Report and Media & Methods.

Greenwood Electronic Media (GEM) offers two types of online, web-delivered products. We offer online sourcebooks that combine the content of print editions with online enhancements and database products including index, full text and bibliographic data.

The online sourcebooks are priced as a one-time payment with unlimited access. Beginning in 2003 a low hosting fee is being billed for new titles released in 2003. The low hosting fee for an institution is only $50 or negotiable for statewide and system wide purchases

Online subscription databases are the second type of web-delivered products. These databases are updated frequently to offer the latest information as well as expanding the content and coverage of the database. These unique resources databases are priced to be affordable and to encourage use by offering unlimited access in the library or school or from remote locations.

The Greenwood Publishing Group is one of the world's leading publishers of academic monographs, reference titles (for university, public, and school libraries), college texts, journals, professional books, and electronic resources.

With over 18,000 titles in print, GPG publishes some 800 titles each year, many of which are recognized with annual awards from Choice, Library Journal, the American Library Association, and various scholarly and professional organizations. Through our wide range of imprints and an impressive variety of publications we seek to comprehensively serve the scholarly, library, student, and professional communities.

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