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"… the definitive web resource for the study of American slavery ... Highest praise goes to Greenwood Electronic Media for developing this important and affordable research milestone accessible to a wide spectrum of users."
- Library Journal

The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography, George P. Rawick, General Editor, with A Comprehensive Name Index for The American Slave, compiled by Howard E. Potts and Subject Index, from Index to The American Slave, edited by Donald M. Jacobs, assisted by Steven Fershleiser

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American Slavery: A Composite Autobiography gives researchers the only resource that preserves the stories of American slaves as told by the former slaves themselves, in their own voices.

Explore an important part of American history, told through the voices of ex-slaves themselves.
Conduct research—historical, genealogical, or sociological.
Participate in forums for genealogists, educators, and general discussions.

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